About Us

Many people love to eat, and then we have a section that also loves to cook. I am sure that most of you are lockdown chefs who experimented with exotic ingredients and dishes during the lockdowns. One essential part of food is preparing it, and for that, you need different utensils & products in your kitchen. I come across some people who end up purchasing anything for their kitchen only to regret it later. This can be because of an incompatible purchase, or it can be because of a poorly made product. I don’t want you to go through a similar frustration when shopping for products for your kitchen, which is why I came up with a new blog.

I am calling out for all the food lovers and the people who love to cook on my newly established blog, www.kitchenbuzz.in. The primary purpose of this blog is to introduce you to the new kitchen products, share their reviews and share the top 10 lists with you. I also try to offer a comprehensive buying guide in all the product reviews so that you can choose an offering that meets your requirements. I understand that each person may have a different need, and this is where the buying guide can help you.

While buying the perfect product for the kitchen is important, another critical aspect is to learn new things. A simple 2-minute read can help you acquire a new skill, or it can help you do things better when you are in the kitchen. To achieve this objective, I also share some tutorials with you, and you must go through them. The tutorials will help you try many new things, and they will also teach you about the proper usage of many kitchen products. I share these products & tutorials by using my experience as a full-time chef in one of the most elite hotel chains.

So, browse through the different sections of www.kitchenbuzz.in and add excellent yet reliable products to the kitchen.I am also open to your feedback since that helps me improve the quality of the website and posts that I share on the website. If you have feedback, you can reach out to me, and I will undoubtedly try to improvise as per your feedback. Lastly, do share this website with your friends and family because it will help them make better choices, and it will also help me by expanding my community to the next level. Thank You, and I appreciate your time on the blog.