10 Best Chapati Box In India 2023 [Casserole Set]

Food when served fresh and hot it is going to taste the best. Always you will want to serve the food hot to your family, but that may not be possible every day. Sometimes the person who prepares the food may be busy, or the one who eats is late. In such a situation, a Casserole box or Chapati box can be very helpful. These boxes are very popular in India as we are big fans of Chapati or rotis. They are made at least once per day in almost every house. Whenever you wish to preserve the freshness of food and keep them hot for a few hours, a Casserole or Chapati box is the best choice. You can easily keep food warm without having any kind of health issues. There are many options available in the Indian market so that you can easily make your selection.

They are not just useful for keeping the food warm but can also be used for storing the food. They also keep the food safe from any insects and bacteria. They are easily available in the present market, both online and offline. They come in different sizes and shapes, which makes it easy for you to choose one that matches your family’s requirements. Also, they are available as combo packs, and it is good to pick these packs instead of buying a single piece. The material used in the making of these Chapati boxes is very important as only high-quality products will help in preserving the freshness and keep the food warm. Along with that, the material has to be food-grade so that the material does not react with the food. The weight of the casserole sets is very important as they become heavier after adding food to them. Always go for a lightweight option.

In the present Indian market, there are several brands and models of Chapati box. So, it may not be possible for you to pick one good product very easily. You should either spend a lot of money or a lot of time making the right choice. But if you want the selection process to be simple, then check out our list of the ten best Chapati boxes in India. You can simply check out this list, and that makes the selection process very simple for you.

Best Buy Chapati Box Online In India

Have a look at some of the best selling Chapati boxes in India:

1. MILTON Divine Junior Inner Steel Casserole Gift Set of 3

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The first product on the list is the MILTON Divine Junior Inner Steel Casserole Gift Set of 3. It comes in orange color, but you can also choose from Pink and Blue colors as well. This is a set of three chapati boxes. The outside of the box comes in PU material, and the inside of the box comes in stainless steel. There are side handles help in easily holding the boxes. The design and shape of these Casserole boxes a perfect set for your dining table. All three boxes come in different capacities.

Pros Cons
This casserole set comes in three different colors. The quality of the plastic used in the making of the box is very cheap.
The three boxes are available in three different sizes.  
The inside is made using stainless steel, while the outer layer is PU plastic.  

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2. Asian Cosmos Inner Steel Casserole Set of 3

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The next product on this list is the Asian Cosmos Inner Steel Casserole Set of 3. This product comes in an Orange and Gray color combination. But you can also pick from three other colors as well. This Casserole set has three boxes that come in three different sizes. It is a perfect product for a small family of two or three members. You can easily keep the food warm and fresh for a few hours. They can also be used in the fridge for storing food. High-quality plastic and stainless steel is used in the making of this set.

Pros Cons
They are made using high-quality plastic and stainless steel material. No cons so far.
They come in different sizes.  
It keeps food warm for at least five to six hours.  
The casserole boxes are available in four different colors.  

3. Cello Ultra Casserole, 1.5 Litres

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If you are looking for a single Casserole box for your kitchen, then Cello Ultra Casserole, 1.5 Litres, is the best choice for you. It comes in Yellow color and also many other colors. The capacity of this Casserole box is 1500 ml, but it also available in 2500 ml as well. You can pick one based on the requirement. It has a small and beautiful design to make your dining table colorful. Only food-grade material is used in the making of this box. It is a durable product and does not break easily. The best part about this set is, it is dishwasher safe.

Pros Cons
It comes in different colors and sizes for you to pick. The lid is too tight, and hence you find it difficult to open or close.
Food-grade stainless steel and plastic are used in its making.  
It is break-resistant material and hence will last for a very long time.  

4. Kuber Industries Small Size Casserole Box

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If you don’t like the products made of plastic or other materials, then you should check out Kuber Industries Small Size Casserole Box. This product is made using stainless steel only. This box comes with a capacity of 1800 ml, but you also have many other sizes that you can pick from. You can store both cold and hot food to retain their temperature for a few hours. It comes in a silver finish. It comes with a non-stick coating which makes it easy for you to clean the boxes. There is a handle for the lid, which helps to open the lid easily.

Pros Cons
The casserole box comes in different sizes. It comes as a pack of one box only.
It is made using stainless steel only.  
It comes with a silver finish on the outside and a non-stick coating on the inside.  
The handles help to hold the box easily.  

5. NanoNine Chapati Box

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The next product that you need to check out is NanoNine Chapati Box. This is one of the unique boxes in this list, and that is due to its unique design. It comes with double-wall insulation, which helps in keeping the food warm and also fresh for a very long time. The lid of the casserole box is transparent with a steel knob. The entire body of this Chapati box is made using stainless steel. The capacity of the box is 1.25 liters. The stainless steel material is highly durable and does not rust at all. It can be used in multiple ways.

Pros Cons
The Chapati box is made using stainless steel. It is too smaller than specified in the description.
The lid is made using tempered glass with a stainless steel knob.  
The capacity of the box is 1.25 liters.  
It is a durable box with double-wall insulation  

6. HELICON 18/8 Steel Casserole Box

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HELICON 18/8 Steel Casserole Box is another good option that you can consider when you are looking for the best Chapati box for your dining table. You will be able to serve the best and hot food for your family even after hours of preparation. This box comes in black color. The outer body is made using plastic, and the inner material is stainless steel. It has double-walled polyurethane insulation that helps in keeping the food warm for a very long time. It is BPA-free material and lasts longer. The best part is, it is dishwasher safe.

Pros Cons
It comes in a black and white color combination. It does not keep food fresh for a long time.
The inner material is stainless steel, while the outer material is plastic.  
It is made using BPA-free materials.  
It is a dishwasher safe product.  

7. Signoraware Steel Papad and Chapati Box 1750ml

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Signoraware Steel Papad and Chapati Box 1750ml is the next product on our list. This box comes in different colors. Signoraware is one of the most popular brands in India for making some of the best tiffin boxes and other kinds of storage boxes as well. It is made using superior quality plastic material, and so this box will last for a very long time. The capacity of the box is 1750 ml and can be used for storing Chapati and Papad as well. The lid of the box is very tight, and so there will not be any problem of spillage or leakage.

Pros Cons
The capacity of the Chapati box is 1750 ml. The lids are made using bad quality material.
It is made using food-grade plastic material.  
It is light in weight and can be used in multiple ways.  

8. Oliveware Supremo Casseroles Box 

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When you are looking for something different and unique for your dining table, then you should check out Oliveware Supremo Casseroles Box. The body of the Casserole comes in stainless steel with an insulated lid. The insulated lid will be very helpful in keeping the food warm for a very long time. That is because of the thermosteel and double-wall insulation of this box. The capacity of the box is 1200 ml. It also has a handle that can be used for carrying it along with you. You can take it outdoor when you have a small party or picnics.

Pros Cons
This Casserole box comes in a stainless steel body with plastic insulation. The locking mechanism of the Casserole box is not very good.
It has double-wall insulation for keeping food warm.  
The capacity of the box is 1200 ml.  
It has a long handle to carry it easily.  

9. KADAM HAAT Handcrafted Sabaii Grass and Bamboo Based Roti Box

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KADAM HAAT Handcrafted Sabaii Grass and Bamboo Based Roti Box is the next product on this list. This is a unique design for those who love to decorate their dining table also with something new and special. This box is made using Sabaii Grass and Bamboo. It looks so different from the rest of the boxes that we have seen so far. It comes in green color, but there are also other colors like red, Black, and orange. It is very safe for storing your food and does not contain anything harmful.

Pros Cons
It is a unique and special design. The lid of the box is not sturdy.
It is available in many different colors.  
It is safe to store food.  
It is a very lightweight box.  

10. NatureCrafts Wooden Chapati Box

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The last product on the list is NatureCrafts Wooden Chapati Box. So far, we have seen casserole boxes made using plastic, stainless steel, and other materials, but here we have a Chapati box that is made using wood. The capacity of this box is 2000 ml and is very sturdy design. It has stripped pattern or design and looks decent when placed on the dining table. You can clean it with the help of a wet cloth and leave it to dry. You cannot wash it underwater.

Pros Cons
It is made using high-quality wood. You cannot wash it with water.
It comes in stripped design.  
The capacity of the Casserole box is 2000 ml.  
It is easy to clean and maintain this box.  

How To Choose The Best Chapati Box In India

One of the first things that come to mind when we think of comfort food is roti. For most of us, roti is a staple. This flatbread is a popular option for any meal of the day, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner. As a result, many of us prefer to make extra rotis ahead of time whenever we need them during the day. As a result, a proper roti container is one essential utensil that we all appreciate having at home. A roti container or roti box keeps roti soft and fresh for an extended time. One of the primary criteria was to check if they delivered on their claim of preventing soggy rotis. Price, design, and whether or not the rotis stayed warm in them were some of the other factors to consider.

  • No more sloppy rotis

The drip trays on these roti servers set them apart from other casseroles by keeping the rotis from being soggy. The entire purpose of a roti server is defeated if they become uneatable.

  • Price

Under Rs. 1000 will get you these stainless steel casseroles. Different sizes are available. The cost varies depending on its size. We also looked into whether they were worthwhile.

  • Design

Design is another factor to consider. Are there any handles on them? Is it safe to use them? Dripping trays or coasters get included with these insulated hot pots. These coasters get made to absorb moisture from the bottom, keeping the rotis from becoming soggy. While some dripping trays were stainless steel, some were plastic trays, which concerned us because of the numerous health risks of keeping hot/warm food on a plastic plate for an extended period.

  • Is It True That The Rotis Remain Warm?

These hot pots also claim to keep the rotis warm, which sounds like a fantastic bargain given that we generally use casseroles for this. Sadly, none of these roti servers were capable of keeping the rotis warm.

  • Fashionable appearance

Choose the roti box is known for its realistic and elegant appearance, which highlights the characteristics of your kitchen. You can choose a wood box because it has a unique set of properties that make it a standout choice for home décor. The utmost aesthetic appeal and elegance are two main reasons to pick a wooden roti box for your kitchen.

  • Check durability

Choose roti boxes to have a longer lifespan, and they should have antibacterial activity and non-scratchy surfaces.

  • Environment friendly

Modernization has drastically altered our way of life, but it harms the environment. As a result, we must make drastic changes to our habits to safeguard our environment as effectively as possible. In recent years, home décor experts have introduced several trends that promote natural materials in home design.  So choose environmentally friendly roti boxes.

  • Ventilation is necessary

Roti storage is not as easy as it looks since several elements might affect its quality, one of which is ventilation. While an airtight storage box appears to be a good idea, the roti’s condition will undoubtedly be damaged because roti requires a consistent airflow to stay fresh for an extended period.

  • Simple Cleaning

Cleanliness is the most necessary aspect of a healthy kitchen, particularly if you want to maximize everything else. It might be tough to keep track of every tiny detail of your kitchen gear and utensils when it comes to ensuring the spotlessness of your ideal cooking space. You won’t have to spend hours cleaning your roti boxes. So choose east cleaner roti boxes.

  • Choose a non-reactive material.

Choose a multi-purpose material for the chapati box because it has the unique properties of nature. If we look at ourselves, we will see that everything is either made of wood. If you think about it, wood has qualities that make it superior to other materials, and one of them is its non-reactivity. Wood is resistant to hazardous substances that degrade the efficiency of other kitchen equipment. So always choose a non-reactive material.

  • The texture of the roll-top

These days, the best kitchenware designers are creating roll-top chapati boxes that are not only affordable but also quite useful. A chapati box with a roll-top design provides plenty of room for chapati and an easy-to-open roll-top upper section. It’s a highly flexible design with a cover that glides over the bread.

Bottom Line

So, this was our list of Casserole boxes or sets available in India. Which product did you like the most? Almost all the Chapati boxes look the same, but there is a lot of difference between them. Only the best ones keep the food fresh and warm, and so you will have to spend some time checking out all the ten products so that you can make the right choice. Along with the price, quality and durability are also very important. So, even if you have to pay a little higher, you can still invest as they are worth it. Compare and buy the best Casserole sets for your kitchen.

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