The taste of Indian food comes only when it is prepared according to the prescribed procedure. With the correct process, you should have some helping hands like Pressure Cooker, Belan, Tawa, Kadai and many others. These kitchen tools are becoming a leading part of our regular lives. Due to the increase in the varieties of non-stick cookwares, an individual is spending more time in the kitchen inventing new dishes.

Today’s generation is doing new inventions from Indian Cuisines to Italian food through numerous cookwares. They are the best combination of design, safety, durability and functionality. These tools are thoughtfully designed for preparing Indian dishes. For instance, you can use Idli Makers to cook soft and fluffy Idli, and for instant cooking, you can use a pressure cooker.

List of Cookwares In India

As you all know, cooking is not as easy as it seems. From taste to flavour and proper quantity of spices is a must. By use of cookware, you can do fry, bake, saute, steam, saute and so on. Cookwares are designed in such a manner to provide control and ease for various types of dishes. Here we are preparing a list of cookware that became essential for Indian cooking.

1. Dutch Ovens – Mostly Dutch oven is made of Aluminium, Ceramic, Cast Iron and Enameled. It depends on you which variety you choose for your kitchen. These types of ovens are suited for slow and long cooking like a roast, stews, sauces, etc. The thick walls of the Dutch oven ensure the finest dish with lots of flavours. It’s good to invest in a Dutch oven, as it enables you to prepare stews, meaty soups, braise meats, even bake bread. An interesting fact is that Dutch Ovens are made specifically for camping or outdoor cooking.

2. Frying Pans – Indian kitchen is incomplete without drying pans, as it is one of the most essential cookware items. This versatile cookware is primarily used for making an omelette, stabbing meat, stir-frying, roasting vegetables and much more. A range of cast iron frying pans, ceramic frying pans, non-stick frying pans is available in the Indian market. A significant key benefit of having frying pans is that it offers faster cooking than other cookware. Additionally, it allows food to be cooked well by spreading thinly.

3. Grill Pans – Grill pans are alike frying pans with a slight difference in design and usability function. Using a grill pan is easy based on its functionality like putting it over the stove and grilling bread, steak, fish and another type of food. Grilling become easier due to the simplest design but fast non-stick heating metal.

4. Kadhai & Woks – Kadhai & Woks is the most used cookware in the Indian kitchen. From making cultural style dishes to the modern one, Kadhai is termed as the best solution. The taste from using kadhai in the making of any dish ensure a premium taste. Even most dishes are named after Kadhai such as Kadhai Paneer, Kadhaidaal and so on. You can also find Chinese wok in the market.

5. Milk Pots & Topes – After getting the delivery of milk every day in the morning, Indians use Milk Pots & Topes to heat it so they can preserve it for the day. After heating and cooling it down, milk is further stored in the refrigerator. In foreign countries, people use a container made from tetra packing or plastic containers.

6. Appam Maker – Appam is a popular dish in India and it is loved throughout many states. Thus, making appam require an Appam maker. It is similar to a pan with a non-stick coating, however, there is a half-spherical shape to get the right shape and size.

7. Pressure Cookers – Whether you are making pulses, veggies or any other dish, a pressure cooker is a must in every Indian home. Pressure cookers allow faster cooking and ensure a quality taste in every go. There is a small whistle over the top to eliminate excessive pressure and know that the dish is cooked.

8. Saucepans – The name itself defines the use of Saucepans, however, Indians use it for making tea, coffee and other beverages. Saucepans are widely popular around the globe, but Indians have a different use for the same thing.

9. Handis – Handis are made of copper as well as clay. If you are cooking with the traditional method, the clay pots are highly recommended by professionals. In many restaurants, Handis are widely preferred due to taste factors. On the other hand, metal handles are also popular for making Briyani and other dishes.

10. Idli Makers – Idli maker is slightly similar to Appam maker, but it is more like a pressure cooker in overall shape. Water is poured into the base and then boiling water creates moisture to cook rice flour into idli.

11. Tadka Pans – In every Indian dish, a wide range of cookware are used and Tadka. Tadka in English stands for tempering. It is a cooking procedure for making the paste of taste ingredients first and then pouring into the dish and cooking with same. Tadka pans are small and allow effective cooking for oil with ingredients.

12. Tawas – It doesn’t matter what you call it, Roti or Chapati, the cookware for both is the same. Tawas is used in making chapatis from the wheat dough. The dough is flattened into a perfect circle like Tortillas and then cooked on Tawas. Well, Roti Tawa is made of many metals and iron is a popular option.

13. Uttapam Maker – Uttapam looks like round waffles, but it is made from different ingredients. Uttapam makers are tawas with circular shapes so that you can cook perfectly round Uttapams. While making this dish, oil is applied to the Uttapam pan so that Uttapam does stick.

14. Momo Maker – Even though Momo is a Chinese/Tibetan dish, it is widely popular due to its soft taste. Momo makers have space for water to boil and turn into steam. That steam is used in cooking raw momos.

Bottom Line

These are the most popular Indian kitchen cookware that you can find in almost every home. Few of them like Momo Maker, and Grill pans are less common, but they are getting popular these days.