The Best Appam Makers in India 2023 (Appe Pan)

If you wish to have some delicious items in your snacks, you can try making appe or paniyaram. These are soft dumplings that have an amazing taste. It is made with a batter of rice and urad daal. It is a versatile snack with an amazing taste. You can serve with peanut chutney or tomato sauce. It is best if you prepare coconut chutney with this dish. However, to make this wonderful dish, you require a special pan. It is named as Paniyarakkal. If you want to make this dish, you need first to buy the pan. This dish is highly demanding in India.

Several companies prepare this sauce pan. You can select the perfect one for this purpose. The price range of the pan will differ as per the brands. You must check the quality of the pan before purchasing it. Most of these pans are made with aluminum and soft cast iron. They will run for an extended period. It is the base material that will determine the weight of the pan. Pans made with aluminum are cheaper, while those made with cast iron are heavier and expensive at the same time.

Best Buy Appam Makers Online in India

Paniyaram is a famous Indian dish. Here you will come across some of the best selling Appam makers available in India. Through this discussion, you can get the perfect one for your kitchen.

1. Tosaa aluminium two sides handle with steel lid and a wooden picker

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It is one of the best ones in the market. It is one of the convenient tools for making appam. It can prepare 12 appams at a time. With the help of two side handles you can easily hold the pan. It comes with a superior non-stick coating that helps in hassle-free cooking and preparation of the appams. Due to non-stick coating you will also require less oil to prepare the dish.

The handles of the pan are sturdy and made of good-quality materials. You will feel good while using the appam pan.

Pros Cons
It is made of high-quality non-stick material. It would have been better if the pan was available in other colors.
Requires less oil to prepare the appams.  
Requires less maintenance and care.  
Comes with sturdy and durable handles for hassle-free lifting.  

2. Cello non-stick appam patra with stainless steel lid

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Cello is a pioneer in the field of kitchen appliances. It is made with a non-stick coating that will help you to make tasty and round appams. Preparing appams in this dish will be a fun-filled experience. The handle of the appam maker is made with sturdy materials. They are heat resistant at the same time. You can hold the appam maker in a hassle-free manner without the fear of getting burnt. It also helps in the healthy cooking of food. The elegant design of the appam maker will allow you to make your kitchen look more beautiful.

With this appam maker, you can make 12 appams at a time. It is highly durable, so cooking becomes an exciting affair. In addition to this, you can also gift it to someone who has a passion for appam. The stainless steel lid of the saucepan is another best thing. It is easy to clean and wash the stainless steel lid.

Pros Cons
Helps in better preparation of appams. It would have been better if the company had reduced the price of the sauce pan.
Comes with heat resistant handles.  
Ideal to make healthy and mouth-watering appams.  
Requires less maintenance and care.  

3. Anjali Appa Patra

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This company produces low-calorie cookware for the appam makers. It is much convenient to make appams with this device. Anjali is a reputed brand that has been in this industry to make valuable cooking appliances. It also comes with a solid and durable handle. This appam maker is handy, and anyone can use it. You will also get a lid along with the saucepan. It is made with stainless steel material.

You can wash it after every use. It is made with high-quality non-stick material. However, it would help if you used a soft sponge to clean the pan. Never rub the pan with full force. This will damage the pan instantly, and you cannot use it for a long time. You can make 12 appams with this sauce pan. The product also comes with a reasonable warranty period. the company or the manufacturer will replace any damage within the warranty.

Pros Cons
It is made with high-quality non-stick material. It would have been better if the weight of the pan was a little lighter.
Easy to clean and maintain the saucepan.  
It can make 12 tasty and soft appams at a time.  
Comes with a good warranty period from the date of manufacture.  
The handle is sturdy and durable.  

How To Choose The Best Appam Maker In India

You must know that an appam maker is a pan that can help you make tasty and delicious appams. You can have appams at any time of the day. They have a great taste and are good for your health. However, you can make or prepare appams at home if you have a proper appam maker. An appam maker comes with ridges and comes with a lid. This lid will help to keep the mixture moist for a long time. You must cook the batter some time before because it needs some bubbles to come on top. If you have the right appam maker, you can make appams within a short period of time.

If you plan to buy the best appam maker for your home, you need to be well-aware of its features. You must go through the buying guides that can help you purchase the best ones from the list.

1. Non-stick coating on the pan

If you want to make crispy and tasty appams, you must look for appam makers that come with non-stick coatings. This will allow you to make tasty ones. The non-stick coating should be made of top-quality materials so that it does not get mixed with the food and have an adverse effect on your health. On the other hand, a non-stick coating pan is easier to clean and maintain. You can devote less time to cleaning it,

2. Pan material

You must always use the best-quality pans to make the appams. This is one of the primary things to which you should give special preference. Most appam pans are made of aluminum material. They are light weight and help with even heat distribution. If you go for the non-stick pans, you will find that they help in the quick preparation of the food. This is a great thing during the morning time.

3. Opt for the branded ones

You must always try to buy aappam pans that come from reputed brands. They will give you better service, and in the event of any issues, they can be easily dissolved. At present, there are plenty of reputed brands that can help you with this work. You can select any one of them.

4. Accessories

It is also essential to check the accessories of the appam pans. The handles of the pan should be made sturdy. It is the handle that will allow you to hold the pan while preparing the appam.

5. Reviews

Before planning to buy an appam maker, you must check or go through the reviews of the pans. There are plenty of sites that can help you with the right information. This will help you buy the right product at the proper price. You must always check the reviews of the selected brand.

6. Warranty period

You must also check the warranty period of the appam pans. If you buy the pans from reputed brands, you can get a long-term warranty on the product. This will allow you to exchange the product in case of any issues. If there is no such mention of the warranty period, you must not go with it. 

Final words

With the emergence of appam maker, it is now easy to make round and tasty dishes at home. So, you can avoid visiting market and buying it. However, you must check to buy the perfect product for your kitchen. Because of the invention of the appam maker, you can try to have a taste of this item.

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