How to Use Measuring Cups and Spoons for Cooking

It is essential to see that you use proper measuring spoons for cooking purposes. A good-quality measuring spoon will help you to get the actual taste of the food. Every food becomes tasty with the addition of salt and sugar. This is possible when you use a measuring cup or spoon. But most of us get confused about the exact way to handle and use a measuring cup or spoon. You need to follow some instructions to carry out the process. You can also opt to buy a good measuring cup or spoon for this purpose.

Steps of using a measuring cup and spoons while cooking:

You need to follow some steps for getting the exact measurement of cooking items. In this part, you will gather knowledge about this process.

  • In the first step, you need to understand the abbreviations. If it is 1tbsp it is one tablespoon. If it is 1 tsp, it means one teaspoon. Most of us get confused about these two matters and makes a mistake. It would help if you need had a clear conception.
  • Also, try to differentiate between heaps, rounded and scant. These types of measurements are made for dry ingredients. If it is for liquid measurements, it will be within the spoon level. If it is said that give in heap amount, you have to give a good amount of the ingredients.
  • You may get measurements like ½ tsp or 1/3rd You need to be aware of the ingredients.
  • If it is for the cups, you have to use dry cups. Dry measuring cups are always used to be filled to the top of the cup. If it is a wet cup, the items need to be filled to the brim of the cup. This will prevent the cup from spilling to the edge of the cup. You have to maintain the measurement of the cups both in case of wet and dry ones.
  • Always place the cup on a flat surface while you measure the liquids to the exact position.
  • You must also remember that cups are mainly abbreviated as “C”. You must not get confused after hearing it.
  • You must note that in a US cup is 240ml, whereas in UK, cups it is 250 ml. The measurement may vary. It will never be the same.

General tips on measuring cups:

You need to have general information on the measuring cups or spoons. If it is said 1 cup, it will mean 16 tablespoons.  It is said as ¼ cup, it will mean 4 tablespoons. So, it would help if never got confused about the measurement. If it is for the dry ingredients, you must put the item till the brim of the cup or spoon.

In the present time, you can get measuring cups and spoons from local stores and shops. If you want, you can also buy the same from online sites. If you are a beginner in the kitchen, you must always try using measuring cups or spoons. This will help in the easy cooking process.

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