Mixer Grinder Motor Is Not Working? How to Fix it?

What do you make with your mixer grinder? Chutneys, spice mixes, blending, chopping up meat, whisking liquids; what would you use it for? Or should one inquire as to whether you employ it for all the aforementioned purposes?

People purchase the finest mixer grinder because it is the first thing they use in the kitchen when they wake up in the morning. People always use it, from making milkshakes for breakfast to processing masalas and preparing purees for dinner and lunch, and they use it for everything.

 Naturally, with increased consumption come an increased number of concerns. You don’t have to get riled up over it, though because for every problem, there is an equally simple solution to be found.

Winding damage

A broken winding, gear, or other interior parts of the motor may cause the motor to stop rotating. Damage to the winding may occur as a result of overloading or running the mixer grinder for an extended period of time.

Overloaded appliances will pull additional current (which generates heat) via their windings, which may cause the insulation to burn or the winding to break its continuity. As a result, always check for winding continuity before proceeding with any further inspection.


It is necessary to rewind the armature winding if it can be physically determined that the armature coil has been seriously damaged. If it is not apparent, use an old, used toothbrush to gently clean the commutators and armature stacks before testing the machine. If it is still not operating, check the armature coil reluctance to determine the condition of the armature winding. If you discover that the armature winding has been destroyed, it will be necessary to rewind it.

You can inspect the motor windings independently if you have the necessary skills, but if the problem occurs during the warranty period, you should contact an authorized service center representative for assistance.

Slow blades movement


The fact that the blades are moving too slowly might be really bothersome, don’t you think? Have you ever considered why this is taking place? The blades of the blender may become clogged with certain types of food particles. It may become more sluggish as a result of this.


Make certain that the food ingredients are finely chopped. Larger chunks should not be placed inside. Dismantle the blades then soak them in clean warm water for a few minutes before reassembling them.

Leakage from the jar


This is among the most frequently encountered mixer grinder issues. The first one is the most apparent of the bunch. A break in the jar will almost certainly result in leakage. The failure of a rubber gasket also can result in some leakage. Finally, a snag in the blade might exacerbate the situation even further.


Is there a break in the jar? The only option left is to change it completely. Is there an issue with the rubber gasket? If in case it has a warranty, then you are lucky. It can be replaced for free. Blades that isn’t quite right? Remove the screwdriver from its holder and tighten it.

Overheating of jar


If you use the mixer grinder on a continuous basis for an extended period of time, it may become overheated. This can occur as a result of the spinning and friction of the blades themselves. This is a foregone conclusion.


In this circumstance, it is best to disconnect the mixer grinder from the wall. As soon as you’re finished, lift the lid and you’ll notice a red switch below the appliance. By hitting the switch, you can reset the mixer grinder. The issue has been resolved. Consider this advice: Do not use it for an extended period of time at a time.

Lost sharpness in blade


The effectiveness of the blades in a mixer is wholly reliant on how well it is designed. However, it is totally natural for the blades’ efficiency to deteriorate over a period of time. Nothing about how you utilize it has anything to do with this. It is entirely possible that it will occur as a result of regular use.


The most obvious solution is to have the blades replaced out completely. Fill the remainder of your jar with rock salt. Then you may turn it on. Make certain that the lid is securely closed. This is a one-person miracle.

Switched-off Circuit breaker


Have you ever had a problem with your mixer grinder that you couldn’t figure out why it stopped working? This can occur as a result of overburdening the system. The circuit is intelligently built to detect overloading in order to avoid the motor from becoming damaged.


Under no circumstances should the jar of the mixer grinder be overloaded. Smaller quantities should be used.

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