Privacy Policy

Effective Date – 26 September 2021

In an age where data is considered the most precious asset, it is crucial to keep the data safe. I understand your concerns about the data & I compiled this section about data usage and privacy policy associated with You will find all the details about the privacy policy, and by using the website, you agree to accept the policy associated with the website. If, in case, you don’t agree with the privacy policy, you are requested to exit the website and close the tabs immediately.

Talking about the privacy policy, the analytical engine, and background processes, start collecting the data as soon as you visit the website. The information collected by the engines is purely technical information along with cookies. The website doesn’t collect any private or personal information without the user’s consent. Any such private or personal information is only submitted by you. To understand it better, websites collect personal information only when you leave a comment or subscribe to the website. The data collected in this case is entered by you.

I may use this information provided by you for marketing purposes and share newsletters or updates with you. However, I do not deal with a third party to sell your personal information. If, at any point, you wish to discontinue receiving the emails, you can email us and opt out of the list. It is also advised to restrict yourself from revealing sensitive information like phone numbers, financial details, or similar information. I or the website would hold no liability for any loss caused by such incidents.

Talking about the technical information, the website collects information regarding the usage patter, operating system, device details, IP address and cookies. I use this information for analysis and to offer you a better experience. I can also use this information to go through the logs to troubleshoot an issue. The engines process the data, and I modify the website as per the information available to me. Some interact services use cookies by default, and you can opt for a restrictive privacy setting on your browser to restrict the usage of cookies. This can impact the website’s performance, and I or the website hold no responsibility for such things.

Data collected on this website is considered under HC (Highly Confidential) category, and I handle this data only on secured servers. I abide by all the local laws, and I ensure that I follow transmission protocols too. The data may be stored or transferred out of the geographical location. I also test the cyber vulnerability of our databases, website and hosts. This is to mitigate any cyber threat and to keep you safe. It is my best attempt to keep the website free from malware or malicious links. Still, there can be instances wherein malware, or such a threat would sneak in. You should note that the website or the administrator of the website can’t be held liable for any data leak or any issue arising from your usage of the website.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy, you can leave us an email, and we will respond at the earliest.