The Best Hand Mixers In India 2023

Have you ever come across a hand mixer or a blender in your neighbor’s or a friend’s kitchen and thought it was strange? Why you would need a hand mixer when there are so many stand processors available on the Indian market, you may wonder.

Hand mixers are becoming increasingly popular in India, not only among homemakers but also among professionals. In India, however, hand mixers are often electric, rather than manual. With the assistance of a hand mixer, you will be able to combine a big number of ingredients in a short amount of time, which will save you valuable time.

You should have an electric hand mixer in your kitchen if you want to bake & make things like cakes, dough, and ice creams. It is one of the handiest tools you can have in your kitchen. It is cost-effective equipment that makes a variety of culinary jobs easier and more convenient to complete.

In comparison to utilizing heavy equipment, whipping 2 eggs with a hand mixer takes significantly less time. If you bake once in a while, they’re the best tool for tiny, quick baking chores that don’t require much effort.

Check out the best selling hand mixers in India 2021 below:

1. Philips hand mixer- HR3705/10 300 Watt

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This kitchen appliance utilizes only 300 kWh of power and requires an operating voltage of 220-240 volts to function properly and efficiently.

The Philips product has been ergonomically built to make your blending task more pleasant and simple to complete. Two sets of strip beaters and dough hooks are included, and they are attached with a distinct click sound when they are attached.

The stainless steel used in the manufacture of the beaters is of high quality and is dishwasher safe, which increases the product’s overall durability.


  • Strip beaters and dough hooks made of stainless steel
  • The model that is energy-efficient (300W)
  • There are five speeds available, as well as a turbo option.
  • All necessary accessories are included in the delivery.
  • The tool is equipped with a 1.2m cord for easy reach.
Pros Cons
The style of this handheld mixer is both traditional and contemporary. After only five minutes of use, the device begins to heat up.
Its overall performance is quite good. It is bit heavy in weight
It includes a plethora of handy functions. It is really simple to operate this device.  
Its speed knobs are extremely simple to operate.  

2. Kent Hand Mixer 150 W

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With this KENT Hand Blender, you can customize any recipe to meet your individual requirements and relish hassle-free cooking on a daily basis. The long life of the product is ensured by the powerful copper motor, which is protected from overheating by the auto cut-off mechanism.

Turning the knob allows you to mix different types of materials at various speeds thanks to the five variable speed controls. This aids in the achievement of the greatest outcomes when baking and preparing meals.

Whether you’re baking a cake, whipping eggs, folding various ingredients, or mixing liquids, the many beaters & dough hooks on this stand mixer can handle it all for you.

In addition to meeting all of your mixing & blending demands effectively, the strong 150W copper motor can ensure that your machine lasts for a long time.

The automatic cut-off mechanism of the blender ensures that the appliance will instantly shut down in the event of overheating. This also extends the useful life of your mixer.


  • Variable control of speed
  • Easy cooking with multiple beaters
  • Offers protection from overheating
Pros Cons
Offers high-speed functioning A bit expensive
Space-efficient design  
Durable body  
Easy to carry  

3. Inalsa Hand blender (250 Watt)

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For many years, Inalsa has been known for supplying high-quality items at an accessible price. Electric hand mixer by Inasla with a robust motor can tolerate heavy vibrations without any difficulty.  With seven effective speed settings, you can quickly select the one that is most appropriate for the dishes you wish to prepare.


  • This model is equipped with the greatest speed at 1150 RPM
  • It is designed to deliver outstanding performance.
  • Simply selecting a setting and turning it on is all that is required to use it.
  • You will also receive a variety of dough hooks & beaters, all of which are constructed of stainless steel, as part of this purchase.
Pros Cons
Blending, mixing, and whisking are all possible with this multi-purpose machine. The cable attached is short
It is equipped with a powerful motor.  
Design that is lightweight  
There are seven distinct speed options.  

How to Choose the Best Hand Mixer in India

Here are some essential tips to follow while selecting the best hand mixer for your kitchen.

Jar quality:

When it is for the hand mixer, you must always give preference to the jar. It must be made of high-quality materials. If the pot is made of plastic, it should be a BPA-free one. The pot of the mixer is the essential part of the tool.

Motor speed:

To get the best hand mixer, you must check the quality of the motor. It is the motor that will help in the smooth functioning of the device. It is okay if the motor speed ranges from 200 to 250 watts. This will help in the easy blending process. With speed variations, you can get better control in the execution of the hand mixer.


The design of the hand mixer is another essential thing to follow. You must select the design of the hand mixer that has a sleek look. The handles should provide a better grip on your hands. It must be easily held in your hands. It would help if you also went with the hand mixers that have lightweight. This will allow you to the smooth removal or lifting of the hand mixer from one place to another. It is estimated that the weight of the hand mixer should not exceed above 1.5 kg.

Operating mode:

The hand mixer must have an easy operating mode. Never select the one that has a complicated operation process. This will take your effort and time at the same time. You must also see that the manual is served with the hand mixer. This will allow you in the easy and smooth operating mode.

Attachments or accessories:

You must also check the required attachments and accessories found with the mixer. It should consist of a chopper, a jar, and a whisker. They are found wrapped in a packet. It is okay if you check it while buying the mixer. If any of these accessories are missing, you must inquire about them.

Cleaning process:

You must also have clear information about the mode of cleaning of the hand mixer. It should be dishwasher safe. It is okay if you can clean the hand mixer with water. You must collect the information about the cleaning process before buying the product.


It is okay if you buy a hand mixer that is compact. Never go with the large ones. It will be tough for you to handle those ones. If it is more prominent, it will take much effort to hold. Make sure about the size while attempting to buy the hand mixer.


You must take all possible information about the price of the hand mixer from various places. Different places may provide a different set of prices. You can also check the exact cost of the item from some reliable sites. They can give you an accurate price.


Collecting reviews from reliable site is also essential about the product. However, you must be cautious of the sites because there are ample fake sites. These fake sites may mislead you about the product. The reviews will give you the actual scenario of the product. You will be confident while buying the high-quality hand mixer.

Warranty period:

Checking the exact warranty period of the product is also essential before buying the same. There must be a specific warranty period which may be a minimum of six months. If there is no mention of the warranty period, you must avoid buying the product. The company is liable to provide a fixed warranty period for the product.


Innumerable hand mixers are available, each with a distinct set of features and functions to offer the user. However, which model is the most appropriate for you will depend on your need and budget. Choose the one that can offer you good speed, design, quality motor and, warranty.

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