The Best Induction Cooktop In India 2023 [For Fast & Safe Cooking]

The induction cooktop is indeed a fantastic purchase for every person in India. One of the most significant advantages that these appliances provide is the ability to precisely adjust the heat, guaranteeing that your meal is prepared exactly the way you prefer it to be done. In addition to being easy to clean, induction cooktops are quick to clean with a wet cloth.

Making meals is an art form, and to do it properly, you must have the proper equipment, whether it’s cookware, a cooktop, or other kitchen appliance. In recent years, induction cooktops have grown in popularity in India. These machines, in contrast to their gas-powered predecessors, are powered solely by electricity.

While some people, mostly Indian bachelors & people who live away from their houses, rely completely on induction cooktops, others prefer to combine them with standard gas burners to create a more complete cooking experience for their families.

Best Buy Induction Cooktop In India

Whether you’re shopping for the first induction cooktop or have a little expertise under your belt, this list will assist you in selecting the most appropriate equipment to meet all of your cooking needs and expectations.

1. Pigeon Cruise Induction cooktop

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Due to the presence of LED lights, you can instantly recognize the settings on this induction cooktop, which allows you to choose from seven various cooking possibilities. You can choose precise settings to enhance the heat settings for various tasks such as pressure cooking, deep frying, gently sautéing, cooking sauces, and other tasks. Because of this, you will not have to stress about your dishes catching on fire. If you’re always pressed for time, you’ll appreciate the fact that you can simply walk away from the induction cooktop and it will turn off automatically. You can also change the level of each mode by decreasing or increasing its intensity.


  • LED Display with 7 segments
  • 1800 Watts power consumption
  • Auto shut-off and preset timer- Comes with seven pre-programmed menus, soft-touch push buttons, and an automatic shut off feature
  • Features double heat sensor technology for increased safety.
Pros Cons
When you cook on this induction cooktop, you will save even more energy. Poor after-sales service
Its excellent top plate has the ability to withstand high temperatures, which makes it extremely robust.  
This induction cooktop will also provide you with a lengthy period of service.  

2. Phillips Viva Collection (2100 Watt)

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The Philips Viva induction doesn’t require any installation and comes with 10 pre-programmed presets for various Indian dishes. In addition, because of its distinctive design, it is easy to clean, which helps to maintain the space neat & tidy as well. With a high-quality full-glass panel, it provides a simple and convenient cooking experience.


  • The option to program time for up to 3 hours allows you to achieve the best possible quality of cooking.
  • The voltage required for operation is 240V.
  • It has specially designed programs for preparing Indian cuisine.
  • Because there is no use of a flame, unwanted costs and resources are saved.
  • It also comes with a rope that may reach up to 1.2 meters in length.
  • The fact that it is portable and lightweight allows you to transport it anyplace if you need to move from one location to another.
  • This induction cooktop also takes precautions and performs its functions by the product’s environmental criteria.
Pros Cons
Gets heated quickly A bit noisy
Touch controls make it simple to operate the cooker without any problems. Don’t have any auto-stop option
Cooking food in a safe environment is made possible by its cool and durable interface.  

3. Prestige induction cooktop (1600 Watt)

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Prestige Induction cooktops are equipped with Push-Button technology and a long-lasting cooling system to ensure maximum performance. The cooktop comes equipped with an Indian cookbook to assist you in preparing your favorite dishes. In addition, the cooktop is equipped with an automated voltage regulator, which offers energy-saving technology as well as long-term durability.

Finally, because of its smooth and flat surface, it is a simple task to maintain.


  • It comes with an advanced cooling technology
  • Has an automatic voltage regulator which helps to save energy
  • Also included is an intelligent mode, which automatically adjusts the temperature & energy settings according to what you’re cooking.
Pros Cons
Comes with easy functions to operate Not much durable
It is portable enough  
Its Automatic functions makes it more valuable  

How to choose the best Induction Cooktop in India?

To fulfil the cooking needs, an induction cooktop plays a significant role these days in every modern kitchen. The amalgamation of style, convenience and safety is the fact why induction cooktops are taking place of gas stoves. But, Induction Cooktop with different features, sizes, and safety aspects may let you confused to determining which model is suitable for your modern kitchen. Therefore, there are some key features that you should keep in mind while buying an induction cooktop. In this section, we have listed some important factors that will help in choosing the best unit.

  • Size

The most important aspect is the size of the induction cooktop which enables you to cook with the pans available in your kitchen. Since each unit comes with a minimum and maximum Pan size. Choosing a suitable size will ensure that the pan will not start heating the pan from uneven sides. For example, if the inductance is smaller than the size of the pan, it won’t detect and will start heating. In simple words, the coil size of an induction cooktop should be suited to the pan that you are going to place on it.

Small-sized induction cooktop mostly comes 30cm in width while the biggest one comes with 90cm. Before deciding on a particular size of cookware, don’t forget to measure the countertop space in your kitchen to make sure you have enough room to keep it securely.

  • Power Rate

Since induction cooktops require electricity, you must also consider the power rate. Cooking appliances with higher power voltages allow even faster cooking, but this can consume a lot of electricity resulting in increased electricity bill costs. The rate of induction cooktops currently available in India ranges from 1000 to 2000 watts. If you want something that will help you cook even faster, you can go for an induction cooktop with a higher power rate.

  • Safety Feature

Safety of yours is a primary concern when cooking food with an induction cooktop or stovetop. Numerous cooktops are designed for creating the heat of their kind. Since induction heats the pan directly, it will not strike the base unless the pan is placed. Apart from this, it gets chilled quickly too.

Some advanced induction cooktops have an auto-pan detection feature, which ensures that the temperature cools down as soon as you remove the cookware over the induction. Also, if you forget to turn off the unit while the pan is heating up, the cooktop will automatically turn off.

  • Pre-Set Feature

Some induction cooktops which are loaded with hi-tech features also provide pre-set menu options for the convenience of the users. You can adjust the temperature of the unit depending on the type of dish you cook with. So, whether you’re making fried vegetables, simmering tea, or making roti or curry, the appliance adjusts the temperature so that you get perfectly cooked dishes.

  • Portability

Modern designed cooktops are lighter than older models. Today, you can have several portable models to take with you anywhere. The fact is that such models provide convenience when you plan to cook in your backyard or on the terrace.

  • Price

The cost depends on the number of features and size of the induction cooktops. If you are thinking of buying a branded appliance, then you need to pay a little extra. However, you will be assured of a high-quality product.


In India, there are several well-known cookware and electronic firms that manufacture induction cooktops. The induction cooktops mentioned above are, without a doubt, outstanding. Their use of power saver technology helps to reduce energy consumption. Most of the time, they require little maintenance and are simple to run. If you want to save both time and money, make your move to induction cooking today.

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