The Best Kitchen Weighing Scales In India 2023

Kitchen weighing scales are far handier than you might expect at first glance. Many Indian culinary recipes necessitate the use of precise measurements of the components in their preparation. This aids in the preservation of the proportions of the various ingredients used in the preparation of the food item. Kitchen weighing scales, as opposed to regular weighing scales, are significantly more accurate.

The finest kitchen weighing scale allows you to measure weights down to one gram, allowing you to concentrate on getting the recipe right rather than wasting time guessing how much anything weighs.

When it comes to keeping the proportions of ingredients in different recipes, this will be beneficial. In India, ideal kitchen scale is capable of measuring weights ranging from one gram up to the maximum capability of the scale’s capacity.

This eliminates the need of every Indian to predict the weight of various food products. Even with a reliable kitchen scale, it is simple to measure the portion of food you are serving.

Best Buy Kitchen Scales Online In India

As a result, you can correctly calculate the number of calories and nutrients in your food. You can also measure in pounds, kilograms, and grams. It works with rechargeable batteries.

1. Glun Multipurpose digital scale

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To weigh your kitchen items, you might consider purchasing the Glun SF-400 weighing scale. It is reasonably priced and can measure up to 10 kg. It seems to have a splash-proof design makes it excellent for use in humid environments or when there are tiny splashes during the cooking process. It also contains a huge round-shape washable tray for easy cleaning regularly.

The large green LCD on the front panel makes it simple to see the information. This Kitchen Weighing Scale has three buttons on the scale, which is convenient. Two of them are for ON, one is for OFF, and the remaining one for Tare.

PVC is used in the construction of the product.


  • It is a Glun multifunctional portable digital and electronic weight machine with a digital display and an electronic scale.
  • It has a carrying capacity of 10kg and a backlight.
  • When the data is stable, it automatically locks the reading.
  • The amount of energy consumed by this scale is quite minimal.
Pros Cons
It is easy to clean Has a cheap plastic body
It has a splashproof design  
Dual weighing mode- ounces or grams  
Wide weighing plate  

2. Health Sense Weighing scale

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Its trademark is for providing technically superior items to its consumers, which is owned by the Indian company Health Sense. It is also offering its customers digital food scale equipment at a competitive price, according to the company.

These alternatives are made possible by a straightforward control panel that comprises a unit key and an on/off/tare key to operate the system. It is possible to convert each unit into another one simply by pushing the unit button until the desired unit appears on the big LCD till the unit button is released.


  • This LCD panel is equipped with such a blue backlight to make it easier to see the screen.
  • The scaler is equipped with a built-in highly precise sensor that accurately measures the food being weighed and weighed again.
  • It has the capability of measuring weight and converting it into gms-lbs-oz-ml units of measurement.
Pros Cons
Bowl made of BPA-free plastic that can be removed Made of a delicate plastic
Precision sensor incorporated in for maximum accuracy Display with a blue backlight for digital information  
With the push of a button, the bowl weighs rescale to zero.  

3. Black Olive weighing scale

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This scale has a convenient tare function that makes it simple to measure components in a recipe, helping you to save time throughout the preparation process.

In addition to being designed with a slick stainless steel base for ease of maintenance and cleaning, this scale’s small design helps in storing while still having the durability necessary to handle weights ranging from zero to ten kilograms.

The ease and practicality of this digital scale can help you make the perfect kitchen masterpieces, whether you’re a novice or a seasoned professional chef in the kitchen.


  • Easy to measure in ounces and grams
  • A clear LCD makes it simple to see and understand all of your measurements.
  • This scale is made with a long-lasting, easy-to-clean surface that adds a sense of elegance to your kitchen.
Pros Cons
Affordable product at this price It weighs, but sometimes fail in accurate measuring
Easy to store, takes less space  
Can be hanged on a wall  

How to Choose the Best Kitchen Weighing Scales in India?

Kitchen weighing scales are tools that have a lot to offer. If you’ve never used it before, you won’t understand its pros and cons. Also, you will not be able to choose the right one as there are many options available in the Indian market with many features. Here is a buying strategy when it comes to Weighing scales.

  • Types of Weighing Scale

Being one of the essential accessories, it comes in many variants which are suitable for all needs and all budgets. So, the first factor is the type of scale that must be taken into account.  There are usually two types of scale, including the Mechanical or Analog Kitchen Scale and Digital Kitchen Scale.

Mechanical or Analog Kitchen Scale

As the name suggests, these scales are equipped with the mechanical operation. Once you set up the calibration with your hands, it will vibrate and show the actual weight of the food through the gears inside. The biggest benefit of owning this scale is that it operates without batteries. This way you can save your extra bucks on the purchase of batteries. As with the pros, there is also a drawback of using this scale, in that it is not so accurate, and difficult to read. Also, it doesn’t show the exact value very clearly.

Digital Kitchen Scale

This type of scale is distinguished by a battery power an automatic operation, a display that indicates the exact weight of the food or ingredients in figures. The models can also vary with designs, functionality and features. As the name suggests, this scale is an automatic digital measuring device.  Due to the sensor mounted on the plate, the calibration works automatically and shows the exact weight. The automatically designed digital scale comes with several additional features. Being a user-friendly device, people mostly adore this scale, for this reason, it is one of the highly sought-after tools.

  • Capacity

After choosing the type, the next thing to keep in mind is the capacity it will be able to tolerate. This factor is important in the case of joint families who have to store a large number of groceries every time. The maximum capacity scale provides superior performance and allows you to calibrate the weight of both low and high volumes. Therefore, it is advisable to choose a scale with a higher maximum capacity that can measure even smaller quantities and ingredients. This way you can use one tool for multiple uses, whether it is to measure the weight of groceries, gold, jewellery, spices, etc.

  • Additional Functions/Features

Some latest models of weighing scales come with interesting features that balance simple weight measurement. That will also enable you to perform various activities with a single tool. Some notable features that you should consider in the weighing scale include calculation of the tare, measurement of liquids, battery level indicators, other units of measurement, automatic switch-off, calories count, so on.

These are some basic factors that you need to keep in mind while buying a weighing scale for your regular use.


Weighing machines for the kitchen are useful pieces of equipment that can be used to weigh a range of goods, including food items. Because of this comprehensive list of kitchen weight scales available in India; you can easily make an informed choice.