The Best Popcorn Makers in India 2023

From watching movies to web series, a bowl of popcorn is the first preference. It is one of the most delicious and crisper snacks loved by everyone worldwide. It not only makes movie time complete but also become an essential part of your favourite movie. Many Indian medical studies have shown eating non-oily popcorns are beneficial for good health.

Now, you can make popcorn at home through popcorn makers instead of using pressure cookers.If you’ve noticed, making popcorn in cookers can be difficult as well as risky. On the other hand, a popcorn maker gives you ease to prepare oil-free popcorn whenever you crave it. But the actual difficulty is to find the right popcorn maker.

Best Buy Popcorn Makers Online in India

In India, various manufacturers offer different types and sizes of popcorn makers. So, before making any final decision you can consider mentioned top three best selling popcorn makers that you either buy from online or visit offline stores in India. They enable you to prepare popcorn instantly to make your movie time memorable. Let’s take a look:

1. VINSH ENTERPRISE Aluminium Popcorn Machine

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This popcorn machine is handy as it has a compact size, and can be carried easily. This popcorn machine is ideal for without using a pre-set. The bottom of the machine is made of BPA and the popping hollow is made of food-grade aluminium to ensure safety when it comes to health.

After every use, you just wipe it with a soft damp cloth and store it in a secure place. Another best thing about this product is that it comes with a transparent design that helps you to prepare crisp and fine popcorns. This machine uses heat air instead of oil so that the popcorn doesn’t harm your health.

With this popcorn maker, you can make 18 cups of fresh and delicious popcorn at a time, making it efficient and faster way. Also, it is very easy to access this maker, as you just need to add nuts into the chamber and leave it to get crispy popcorn. Once the popcorn is ready, they automatically fall into the bowl.

Pros Cons
This popcorn maker is made of food-grade aluminium material. The entire body gets heat.
It prepares popcorn without oil which is good for health.  
It is easy to clean this popcorn maker.  
It uses hot-air technology instead of oil.  

2. R K HANS Aluminum Popcorn Machine

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The R K HAN S Aluminum Popcorn Machine requires no oil and no butter to prepare fluffy and crunch popcorns within few minutes. This multi-purpose machine can make popcorns, finger chips, peanuts, fryums, cashew-nuts, coffee beans, papad and rice tubes.

This Popcorn Machine by RK HANS is quite efficient and compact when it comes to preparing low calories popcorns. The best thing about this machine is that it comes with a kernel measuring cup that helps you to get perfect crushed popcorn after a single batch.

This versatile popcorn maker uses hot air technology to make not just popcorns but other snacks too within minutes. The primary thing you will like in this popcorn maker is their transparent popcorn cascades enable you to watch the popping progress. It gives you an easy to prepare 18 cups of fresh popcorn at a time.

Pros Cons
It pops quicker than a microwave or pressure cooker. Not found.
It is a Quick And Efficient Popcorn Maker that Can Make Up To 18 Cups of Pleasure-loving Corn In 3 to 4 minutes.  
It’s a healthier and safer choice for the entire family.  
It has a removable chute and comes with a butter warming tray.  

3. Tip & Top creation Home Made Popcorn Machine

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Now, you can make up to 16 cups of gourmet corn in 3 minutes with Tip and Top popcorn machine. The surface of the machine and popping chamber is made of BPA free and food-grade aluminium material respectively. The best thing about this machine is, it can be operated easily as equipped with one-key operation.

This lightweight and compact design popcorn machine require no oil and butter hence providing healthier and tastier popcorns. It also consumes less electricity as it takes only 220 V. This popcorn machine is an ideal option for a small and large family.

It also gives you ease to clean it using a damp towel after every use. It has a butter warming tray and a removable chute that enable you to clean it from every corner.

Pros Cons
It is a simple yet convenient popcorn maker. The build quality is cheap as compared to other popcorn makers.
You can make up 16 bowls of fresh and delicious popcorn at a time.  
It can use for making nuts, peanuts, etc.  

How To Choose The Best Popcorn makers in India

We all enjoy popcorns. How do you feel if you have a popcorn maker at home? It will make most of your work easier and you will get the chance to grab popcorn while sitting on your sofa. It is a tasty and handy snack that allows you to peacefully watch movies at home. It is also safe for your health. However, you must buy the best ones that can give you better service. You need to follow some steps when buying a popcorn maker for your home.


You must have a thorough knowledge of the look or design of the popcorn makers. They are mostly available in three different designs. These are stovetop popcorn makers, electric popcorn makers, and traditional popcorn makers. Each of them has some special features. However, stove popcorn is most commonly found in homes. They are smaller and come in portable form. You can easily shift it from one place to another. Traditional popcorn makers are mostly found in theatres or cinema halls.

Proper popping technique:

You must check and verify the popping methods of the popcorn. They are available in two different forms. One is one through oil or air. The one that is done through oil is very well known and famous. It is better if you go with the one that uses oil because it is safe for your health. The popcorn that is made of hot air is known to have zero calories. They are always good.

Check the capacity

You must also check the capacity of the popcorn makers before buying them. You will get different categories of popcorn makers that start at 15 cups to 11 liters. So, you must do a proper check on the capacity of the popcorn maker before buying it.

Checking the popping seed:

It is another important thing to check before buying the machine. It has the capacity of calculating the time required to prepare the full capacity. It is assumed that a popping seed is much faster than a microwave machine.

Measuring device

Most popcorn makers come with a measuring cup. This cup consists of air poppers or corn makers. You will find them placed on the top part of the popcorn maker. It will help the butter melt more easily to prepare the dish. You must check that the popcorn maker comes with a cup. Otherwise, it is useless to buy the machine.


The material of the popcorn maker is also vital. Never go with the popcorn makers that are made of plastic materials. They may not give you a long-term service. You must make a proper survey of the material used in the construction of the popcorn maker. This is vital.

Warranty period:

Never buy a popcorn maker without a warranty period. Many reputed companies mention the warranty period of the machine. If there is no such mention of the guarantee period, never buy the machine. You may face issues in the future. The machine should have a warranty period of six months to one year.


Popcorn is one of the most preferred snacks, as easy to make yet very delicious. You can prepare bowls of popcorn easily and quickly if you have one of the mentioned popcorn makers. They enable you to prepare delicious and crunchy popcorns within few minutes.