The Best Slow Cookers in India 2023

You must have some idea about the best slow cookers. It is one of the appliances used for cooking foods at low temperatures. You can do boiling, frying, and baking with these appliances. It is also known as a crock pot. The amazing part of these types of cooking is that you can use them during your busy days. You can keep the cooker unattended for an extended period in this type of cooker. Some of the dishes you can make from a slow cooker are various desserts, soups, and stews. Slow cookers are always an excellent choice for the modern kitchen in India.

The invention of the slow cookers is something exciting and promising. It can reduce your work to a large extent.

Best Buy Slow Cookers in India

Now you will come across some of the best slow cookers in India in 2022. This will help to make a better buy.

1. Bergner Elite Stainless steel Slow cooker

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It is one of the modern stainless steel slow ranges that you can use in both the oven and the gas oven. The cooker comes with three levels of flames. One is low, the second is warm, and the third one is high. It is ideal for modern people who have less time to spend in the kitchen. The chemical-free crockpot is responsible for making and preparing good foods. The cooker is ideal for keeping the food warm till it is served to eat. This is why you can keep it inside the cooker for a long time.

The handles and knobs of the oven are solid and hardy. You can quickly lift the handle of the oven to shift it from one place to another.

Pros Cons
Dishwasher safe product to use. Could have been much more efficient.
Comes with cool and strong knobs and handles.  
Keeps food warm for an extended period.  
Gets a removable ceramic pot.  

2. Haden Stainless steel slow cooker

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This high-quality stainless steel slow cooker is ideal for cooking foods. The range has an indicator light and an easy viewing glass lid. The slow cooker also comes with a brushed stainless steel finish. It has three settings that allow the user to adjust as per their requirement. The oven consumes about 280 watts of power. You can cook dishes like curries, meat with this cooker. The range is much safer for the users because it has a powerful grip. This will help in the easy transfer of the range from one place to another.

It is with this cooker that you can cook delicious and yummy dishes. The product can be replaced by the company in case of any issues and faults. On the other part, the transparent lid will allow you to view the cooked items. This is another advantage of using the cooker. The stainless steel base is another best thing about the product.

Pros Cons
Comes with three levels of settings. It would have been better if the heat can be easily adjusted.
Stainless steel finish of the cooker makes it much attractive and better.  
Consumes less power than the other ones.  
Less heating of the handles at the time of cooking.  

3. Mariya Pringle Slow Cooker

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It is one of the best slow cookers available in the market. The best thing about the ranges is it takes adequate care while preparing the foods. These types of cookers are always suitable for the buffet lunch. It can keep the foods warm for an extended period. The fantastic look of the oven draws the attention of the buyer to a great extent. The glass cover of the range will allow you to view the food at the time of cooking. You will feel good at the time of cooking.

You can also make a variety of food items with this cooker. The lid of the cooker is a tempered one. Hence you can stay tension-free at the time of cooking. You can make your travelling more accessible with this cooker. You can easily carry it from one place to another.

Pros Cons
Comes with three levels of easy setting steps. The warranty period should have been increased to some extent.
A tempered glass lid will help in hassle-free cooking.  
Cool handles will assist in cooking the food in a better manner.  
Easy to travel with this cooker.  

How to Choose the Best Slow Cookers in India?

As mentioned above, the slow cooker has become an important part of regular cooking tasks. Food preparation with rich taste and nutrients can be done easily through this cookware. Owning the best slow cooker among plentiful options is also a difficult job for those who aren’t familiar with this magical invention. Several considerations are kept in mind when it comes to buying a slow cooker in India. In this section, we will talk about them:

⇒ 1. Cooker Size

Choosing a particular size of the slow cooker will allow you to prepare a batch of food based on the number of people without wasting food. You can choose either a heavy or sleek cooker depending on how many food batches you would prepare in it.

⇒ 2. Temperature Settings

From slow heating to fast heating, a slow cooker features multiple temperature settings. Some slow cooker takes longer to prepare, while a faster cooker automatically shuts off when the food is hot. Through this feature, you can get the advantage of cooking your food more accurately. Some ingredients require specific temperatures and times to impart better texture and flavour. 

⇒ 3. Indicator Option

Automatically on and off indications will free you from keeping an eye during food preparation. Also, you will prevent the risk of accidents that can happen due to carelessness.

⇒ 4. Food Grade Materials

The next factor in which you have to look is whether the cooker is made of food-grade material or not. Having food-grade ingredients poses a risk to your health as it leaks harmful chemicals into the food being prepared.

⇒ 5. Pot’s Material

The pot should be made of sturdy and durable material. Ceramic is considered to be the ideal when it comes to slow cookers. It is strongest yet suitable for last longer users relative to other types of material.

⇒ 6. Removable Inner Pot

The latest slow cooker comes with a removable inner pot, making your cleaning task easier and hassle-free. Moreover, it will also keep the electronic mechanism safe.

⇒ 7. Tight-Fitted Lids

Make sure the lid of the cooker you are going to buy should be tight-fitted with the lid as this will prevent spillage in and around the gas stop. Plus, it will make your cooking more efficient, resulting in a well-cooked dish ready to eat.

⇒ 8. Less Electricity Consumption

The wattage provided in the product manual will help you determine how much electricity your cooker is consuming. With the low wattage of the cooker, you can save a lot of bucks on your hefty electricity bills.

⇒ 9. Non-stick Coated

The non-stick coated over bowl prevents sticking and keeps your food healthy as it requires no oil or less oil. This feature also increases the durability of the units as it prevents chips from occurring.

⇒ 10. Additional Accessories

When shopping for a slow cooker, you can choose products with added accessories. Some of the essential items that are usually supplied with the product are a steam rack and frying basket.

⇒ 11. Warranty

Last but not least important factor is a warranty that will ensure how long you work with your slow cooker in the kitchen. Slow cookers coming with a 2 to a 3-year warranty are good to choose.


With the emergence of the slow cooker, cooking has turned out to be a smooth process. It is ideal for the people who have less time to devote to the kitchen. Most modern people prefer the portable and user-friendly cooker. It is also a favorite item for the foodie people. You can try ample dishes with this item. Once you get or buy a slow cooker, remember to prepare tasty dishes. This will also increase your love for making foods.

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