The Best Wet Grinders in India 2023

From food preparation to cooking, Indians are perfect at it. They do not compromise on their cooking techniques to kitchen appliances. Today, every type of kitchen has grinders, blenders and other small kitchen appliances that serve the best purposes. A wet grinder is the most essential kitchen appliance that allows mixing spices and helps you to prepare south Indian dishes like Dosa, Idli, Coconut Chutney, etc.

From Cuisine to smoothie, a wet grinder let you prepare them with ease. It is a good option to use a wet grinder to prepare the batter with precise consistency as compared to a mixer grinder. A wet grinder ensures the batter/ dough is softer and recollects vital nutrients. A significant key benefit of having a wet grinder is that you can blend anything into any consistency with the right proportion.

Best Buy Wet Grinders Online in India 2023

While buying a wet grinder, you should keep in mind the power of the grinder, the sharpness of the blade, the sturdy body and the durability as the grinder goes through a regular grinding process. When buying a cheap quality product, there is a maximum chance of blade breaking. If you’re not sure how to buy a wet grinder then you can consider mentioned top-three best selling wet grinder brands. Let’s have a look:

1. Butterfly Smart Wet Grinder

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A wet grinder from butterfly Smart is designed for both large and small kitchens, as it is compact and handy. The design and white colour of the grinder gives an attractive look to your kitchen and suit any interior of the kitchen. Talking about build quality, it is made from ABS plastic to ensure safety from shock circuits and heat.

The non-breakable body of this grinder is tough and best for long-lasting usage. The powerful motor and sturdy of this wet grinder allow you to do 4 types of grinding and make your grinding task easier. The coconut scraper adds further benefits, hence using coconut chutney within a few minutes.

This efficient and ergonomic wet grinder enables you a perfect grinding on your own. The best thing about this product is that it helps you to prepare all types of batter within the short term. Even you can save your electricity bills by using this wet grinder, as it consumes less power as compared to other grinders.

Pros Cons
You can easily clean this wet grinder by using wipes. The coconut scraper is less effective.
The material ABS used in this grinder is heat-resistant and shockproof.  
The design and size of the grinder are elegant and compact respectively.  

2. Elgi Wet Grinder

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Elgi Ultra Wet Grinder offer an AISI Stainless steel drum that is rust-resistant and allow you to store batter for long period. The combination of white and purple colour makes it elegant and classy for all types of kitchens. You can make your kitchen luxurious and brighter after buying this wet grinder.

Wet Grinder by Elgi is equipped with a 150-Watt motor that offers the finest grinding and blending. This lightweight grinder is best for regular kitchen use; reduce your efforts and time. The company offer a multi-utility drum, which can be used for multiple tasks. Like, you can use it for grinding and after it, you can use it as a container to store batter.

The best thing that you will like about this product is that it also offers Atta Kneader to make dough for Parathas and Roti and offer Coconut Scraper to prepare delicious chutneys. Now, you can enjoy soft and fluffy idlis and other dishes by using this wet grinder. The company also provide a 5-warranty on their product.

Pros Cons
It is made of food-grade plastic which is completely safe.   

It makes little noise when working.

It is a very simple yet very elegant grinder.  
It is a cost-effective product.  

3. DGMR ENGG WORKS Wet Grinder

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The food-grade stainless steel has been used to produce a DGMR ENGG WORKS Wet grinder, hence completely safe and offering durability. Also, the material is rust-resistant which mean you can store batter for a while. With the use of this wet grinder, you can save a lot as it is equipped with strong and less power consuming motor.

This wet grinder is ideally designed for a small family, as it has a 2-litre capacity that can grind 500 grams of cereal at a time. It is very easy to clean the body of this wet grinder; even you can separate the bottom of this grinder when cleaning.

It comes with Atta Kneader, a Coconut scraper and an Unbreakable Transparent lid which add additional benefits to this grinder.

Pros Cons
You can enjoy noise-free operation. Not found.
The orange and grey colour combination makes it perfect for kitchen looks.  
The company offer a 1-year warranty on the motor.  


There is a various brand of Wet grinder available in the Indian market. Choosing a particular one can be difficult, thus you can check mentioned top brands. They all are good in terms of quality, price point and durability.

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